A Metadisciplinary Approach to Asian Medicine

(Part II in the “Meta Approaches to Asian Medicine” series)

Hey, we’re different but we can still hang out together!

Interdisciplinarity has failed as a model for collaboration in the study of Asian medicine. Here, I propose the new model of “metadisciplinarity” as a means of bringing people together in more productive and more generative ways.

Different types of collaborations

The failure of interdisciplinarity

Tu Youyou (right) in the 1950s. Source: Wikimedia Commons.


New possibilities

Chakra chart attributed to traditional Thai medicine, which was actually invented by Aśokananda (a German yoga teacher) in the 1990s.

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Seeking larger perspectives that balance being an academic with being human. By Pierce Salguero (piercesalguero.com), scholar of Asian medicine and Buddhism.